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Any order placed by the customer is an agreement to purchase a particular item or items on these Terms and Conditions. Our INFO must also be read, understood, agreed upon and accepted before making an order of a Apis Atelier product, as these are incorporated into our Terms and Conditions. Apis Atelier reserves the right to accept or reject your order for any reason, including and without limitation, the unavailability of any product, an error in the price or the product description posted on this website, or an error in your order. Until Apis Atelier receives payment in full for a product of any description, Apis Atelier remains the lawful owner of the product. Your contract of agreement of our Terms and Conditions with Apis Atelier comes into effect once you have made payment.


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We want you to love your jewellery. Because all of our our pieces are made to order, items are not eligible for a full refund. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase we will gladly exchange your item for store credit. We stand behind the products we create so if you are not happy with the quality of your order or believe your product has a manufacturing defect or shipping damage, contact us within 7 days of receiving your product so we can make things right.

The following items are excluded from our refund policy and cannot be returned:

  • Personalised items, bespoke items, customised items and items that have been made to order.
  • Earrings, for safety and hygiene reasons.
  • Items that have been worn or are not in the same condition as when they were shipped.
  • We also do not give refunds or credit if the advertised size is not correct, so please carefully assess your measurements before purchasing and contact us with any questions.

All international purchases of any Apis Atelier product and sale items are strictly a final sale; refunds, credits or exchanges will not be considered.


If applying for a credit or replacement due to a faulty or damaged product, Apis Atelier must be contacted within 7 business days of the customer receiving delivery of the item. Please contact us with details of your purchase and the reason for seeking a credit or exchange. If approved, we require the product to be returned to us in the original packaging in an unused condition.

The initial shipping cost will not be credited and the cost of the return shipping will be at the customer’s expense. Only the original purchase price in ZAR / USD will be refunded as credit for Apis Atelier products. Apis Atelier will send you a notice of credit once we have received the return delivery of the product, and we are satisfied that it has not been damaged after you initially received it. If the product has been damaged during the return to Apis Atelier, this is the full responsibility of the customer and no credit will be given. In this case, the product can be returned to the customer. If the product simply is not delivered to Apis Atelier and lost in transit, this is also the full responsibility of the customer. Choosing insurance for your shipment that is to be returned to Apis Atelier is highly recommended, so you are covered in the event of damage to or loss of the product occurring.


We will gladly repair items purchased through our website. Please contact us with a detailed description of the damage. Repair fees are the responsibility of the customer and we will let you know the cost of the repair before you ship your item out to us. 

We are not responsible for damages to items purchased through one of our retailers.


Due to the handmade nature of our products, Apis Atelier does not offer a period of warranty on our products. We however would like to be contacted in the case that a customer has a fault with an Apis Atelier product. As we are serious about customer satisfaction, we will consider resolutions on a case-by-case basis.


Due to the handmade nature of our products, they will all have some form of imperfections. Please note that all Apis Atelier pieces are made by hand in our studio. We use quality materials and take care in our manufacturing. Please allow for slight variations in shapes and sizes, we do try our best to be accurate. Please note that each gemstone is unique. In our opinion, we feel these imperfections add a charm to each piece, which can only be obtained through a handmade process. 


It is important to realise that any metals will naturally tarnish over time with normal daily wear due to oxidization and exposure to alcohol-based perfumes, moisture and skin acidity. Non-plated metals especially have the tendency to naturally take on a patina and age over time. We love this about bronze and feel it gives each piece a unique character. When worn regularly, our bronze pieces usually keep their original, bright colour. However, if a piece remains unworn or your skin is very acidic, it may very well start to tarnish or turn your skin a little green. We do realise that some people are not happy with this and would prefer their piece to remain bright and shiny. Please don’t worry – All it needs is a simple clean and polish or for you to wear it more often. Go on, give it some love and remember these 5 simple rules:

  1. Your jewellery does not not like to get hot and sweaty, so best you store it in a dry place, preferably in a soft bag in an airtight container. Certain environments such as those with a very high humidity, like the tropics or your bathroom, are not the best place for your jewellery.
  2. If you wouldn't put it on your skin you shouldn't put it on your jewellery. Avoid chemicals like household cleaners, hairsprays, alcohol-based perfumes and lotion.
  3. Jewellery is not fond of exercise or hard work. We suggest removing your sparkles before hitting the gym, weeding the garden, or painting that cool piece of vintage furniture you found. 
  4. Your jewels can't swim so it’s advisable to keep them out of the water. This includes the ocean, the shower and hand-washing too. 
  5. All you need to get your gems to shine is a jewellery polishing cloth or a liquid metal polish and some love.

If your item has tarnished considerably please contact us and we will be happy to polish it and/or tumble it to get it back to its original shiny colour for a small fee. Please note this only applies to items bought within South Africa.


Apis Atelier will not sell your personal information or contact details onto any other parties. We however may email you our newsletter from time to time with special offers and/or new products of ours that become available. If you wish for this not to happen, please inform us and we will delete all of your details from our mailing list.