At Apis, we believe in creating sustainable jewellery that can be worn and treasured for years to come. Our goal is to create long-lasting, timeless pieces that are functional and don't end up in a landfill or discarded after one season. For this reason we do not plate our jewellery in silver or gold because the plating will eventually wear off the base metal, leaving your jewellery looking nothing like how how you purchased it. This means that you can clean your jewellery for years without ever worrying about the surface wearing down.

We love bronze! It has been used to create jewellery since ancient times, is an alloy made of copper and tin and has a beautiful warm golden tone similar to 14K gold. Solid bronze is durable, easy to clean, and will last for decades. Our bronze is of the highest quality and does not contain any nickel, zinc or aluminium, making it hypoallergenic (i.e. relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction).

It is important to realise that any metals will naturally tarnish over time with normal daily wear due to oxidization and exposure to alcohol-based perfumes, moisture and skin acidity. Non-plated metals especially have the tendency to naturally take on a patina and age over time. We love this about bronze and feel it gives each piece a unique character. When worn regularly, our bronze pieces usually keep their original, bright colour. However, if a piece remains unworn or your skin is very acidic, it may start to tarnish or turn your skin a little green. We do realise that some people are not happy with this and would prefer their piece to remain bright and shiny. Please don’t worry – All it needs is a simple clean and polish or for you to wear it more often. Go on, give it some love and remember these 5 simple rules:

  • When not worn your jewellery does not not like to get hot and sweaty, so best to store it in a dry place, preferably in its box or a soft bag in an airtight container. 
  • If you wouldn't put it on your skin you shouldn't put it on your jewellery. Avoid chemicals like household cleaners, hairsprays, alcohol-based perfumes and lotion.
  • Your jewels can't swim so it’s advisable to keep them out of the water. This includes the ocean, the shower and hand-washing too. 
  • All you need to get your jewels to shine again is a soft toothbrush with some dishwashing liquid and some love. You could also use a jewellery polishing cloth or a liquid metal polish. Make sure to dry your piece very well afterwards as any moisture will further tarnish it.
  • If your item has tarnished considerably please contact us and we will be happy to polish it and/or tumble it to get it back to its original shiny colour for a small fee. Please note this only applies to items bought within South Africa.