Apis Atelier was founded in 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa, out of a love of adventure and travel around some of the world’s most beautiful islands. After studying English Literature and the History of Art at the University of Cape Town, I got a diploma in Graphic Design and then moved to Hawaii where I fell in love with its raw, magnetic beauty, as well as the dark room and landscape photography. Truth be told, I was lost for many years and I couldn’t quite find home again. Traveling was pure escape. When I finally moved back to South Africa I studied silversmithing for a year and the beautiful shells, stones, coral and driftwood I found transformed these memories into wearable amulets, mainly in ancient bronze. The brand has reinvented itself many times over the years, but its essence is about carrying our homes in our hearts. It’s about choosing and wearing that one piece of jewellery you never want to take off, that magic talisman that becomes a part of you, your story and one day your history when you pass it on to someone you love. 

Apis means ‘bee’ in Latin and serves as a symbol for the line as bees are bringers of good luck and prosperity, their beeswax and honey, golden charms of productivity.    

After moving to Canada at the end of 2019, my mission for the brand was to design a capsule collection that transcends seasons and trends and can be mixed and matched over time. These classic chains and talismans are long-lasting, timeless pieces that are functional, sustainable and can be worn and treasured for years to come. Our fine organic jewellery is made by hand from start to finish using ancient techniques. 100% recycled pure fine silver and solid gold is sawn, soldered, fused with fire, filed, textured, hardened with hammer and polished by hand. This lends to an imperfect look that is understated yet elegant in its natural simplicity. Our jewellery mirrors materials that naturally disintegrate, age and weather over time such as paper, raw silk and wood. Our precious metals are more durable than that and yet they take on signs of patina and wear from the oils in your skin and the cycles of the seasons. They become you and change over time. 

  Invest in yourself a piece that you can wear for decades and its value will only multiply as do these precious metals and the beautiful memories they encapsulate.

Made slowly on the Sunshine Coast in Canada

with love, 

Nicola x