This collection erupted from the sea and my memories of Maui. Walking through crunchy lava fields; ancient Hawaiian ruins; bonfires and black sand beaches; icy waterfalls; moonlit palm tree nights; long sandy walks searching for puka shells, driftwood and coral; and the smell of frangipani in the air. 
Lava Rock was once a liquid molten mass that built volcanoes into islands millions of years ago. Agate was formed in ancient volcanic lava. Fossil Coral is a natural stone formed when ancient coral is gradually replaced with agate. They include naturally formed colour patterns, voids and irregular surfaces which make each one unique. The Megaladon's tooth, once described as a "tongue stone", belonged to the biggest prehistoric shark that ever lived. Sand Dollar's once fragile exoskeleton has been cast into solid bronze to last an age. 
These are all grounding stones, fossils and talismans that give strength, protection and harmony, allowing stability through change. They strengthen the body and the body’s connection to Earth. They bring luck to those that wear them. 

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